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Best Wedding Present Evah!

People always ask me how I ended up with this fabulous yurt.

Believe it or not, our yurt was a wedding present, which is ridiculously generous! I mean, who registers for something like that?

So here’s how it happened:

One of my hobbies used to be medieval camping events. I spent a huge chunk of my year participating in and getting ready for these weekends, along with all my closest friends. We were in a strictly Mongolian household (Yay GDH!), so yurts were all the rage!

I have these best buddies, Carl  and Marc, who were starting a yurt business at that time. Carl is a carpenter and Marc a roofer, so they had some mad skills. When they got the news we were getting hitched, they wanted to gift me a yurt, because in the Mongolian tradition the woman comes into marriage with her own yak and a yurt. They didn’t have a yak, so…

I resisted for a while, saying, “It’s TOO generous, TOO much. You guys are crazy!”  But then I got a phone call saying, “What color do you want it to be?” I was like, “No way, I told you it’s too much!” The reply was, “Well, you’d better decide, because I’m in the aisle at the Home Depot and I need a decision!” I went with blue.

A few weeks later, she was delivered and assembled on the bank of the river in New Jersey, and it was love at first sight!

She is 16′ round which comes to 200 square feet of space, but she has always felt roomy to me. The lightness and grounded feeling, at the same time, is part of the magic of the yurt!

They also made me a dutch door, which always speaks to me of fairy tales. I love to open the top half in the morning, coffee in hand, and survey my kingdom…It’s a happily ever after kinda feeling.

Kari Cooper with Gert the Yurt






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